The Safe Group Investment Holding Co. was founded in 2013 and the company has taken it upon itself to provide the best special and unique services in the field of investment and financing of projects, the domestic market in Libya.

The company will start its business through its branches which cover aspects of numerous economy and over the coming years for the company, which can achieve a range of achievements, and we will develop relationships with international partners are known, and today the company is seeking to be the largest in the local Libyan market in services, including commercial and industrial and services, investment and financing projects.

Our main objective is to provide all what he needs our customer services, you will find members of the company's staff of qualified crew of highly qualified have devoted themselves to do everything in their power to provide the best services in all the magazines.

In spite of what you will achieve the company's achievements, but it still has more goals, which aspires to achieve, and the most important of these goals to expand in the development and production projects for different purposes in all of the service and construction sectors, as the company increases its focus on real estate activities in order to obtain a larger share in the Libyan market, as the company plans to contribute to the development of some strategic projects in the city of Benghazi and some other cities.

In conclusion I would like to underline the company's determination to continue to progress and success while continuing to quality, credibility and excellence assurance, and I am sure that our company will become one of the largest successful Libyan companies thanks to the fullness of their experience, dedication and devotion to work, and we all hope for mutual cooperation among ourselves for the best condition we happen in our future together.

  Dr.Attaf  Hussein
  Safe Group Investment Holding Co.


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